Herb Stuffed Pork Roast in the Instant Pot
A great recipe for your Instant Pot. Only takes a few minutes to prepare and then the Instant Pot does all of the work.
  1. Rub pork roast with salt and pepper.
  2. Rub pesto sauce all over the pork roast and under the net if your roast has one.
  3. Pour the water in the bottom of the pressure cooker.
  4. Place pork roast into the pressure cooker.
  5. Pour remaining pesto over roast.
  6. Close pressure cooker lid.
  7. Turn pressure cooker onto manual setting for 90 minutes.
  8. Sit back and relax, the Instant Pot is doing the rest of the work for you 🙂
  9. After the Instant Pot beeps that it is done, release the pressure carefully.
  10. Remove pork roast and shred meat with a fork. Enjoy!