Month: August 2013

A picture of a red cup containing gluten free tiramisu with a spoon scooping a bite out of it.

Gluten Free Tiramisu


Gluten-free tiramisu quickly assembles in 20 minutes using Schar ladyfingers, espresso, cream, and liquor for a delightful coffee-flavored dessert. Italian for “cheer me up,” tiramisu layers infused ladyfingers with whipped cream and egg mixture, topped with cocoa. The recipe is perfect for large gatherings, yielding two 8×10 pans.

Layered watermelon slices with arugula, goat cheese and balsamic drizzle on a blue plate

Gluten Free Layered Watermelon Salad


This gluten-free layered watermelon salad is a crisp and tasty accompaniment to any protein like steak or chicken. It combines the freshness of watermelon with the tartness of balsamic vinegar and creaminess of goat cheese. It’s simple to make, requiring minimal ingredients and can be served in layers or cubed, topped with arugula, and seasoned to taste. Perfect for summer meals and reminiscent of childhood BBQs.