The Nima Sensor is Back!


Nima Sensor is back and under new ownership!

Nima Partners

Many of us rely on the Nima Sensor to take the first bite of food for us to ensure it does not contain gluten! It has been a challenging time trying to get capsules for the device. However, today I have some great news! The Nima has been brought back by Nima Partners. They are committed to helping the gluten-free community!

You will be able to order capsules and sensors right from them! No middleman is needed anymore!

What is a Nima Sensor?

A Nima Sensor is a device that can test food to see if it has gluten in it or not. I explain it like a pregnancy test, but for food. There are enzymes in the capsule that you put food into and in 3 minutes it tells you if there is gluten in it or not by displaying a happy face (no gluten) or a shaft of wheat (gluten found).

Does it really work?

I have had my Nima Sensor for over 5 years now, and I have never been sick from food that it has tested. I am very careful about how I test my food. Make sure to touch as much of the food as you can with the lid of the tester. Then sample pieces from around the dish to make sure you get a good sample. If I am having pizza (which I rarely do eating out) I would test the toppings as well as the bottom of the crust and the cut lines where they cut the pizza to make sure no cross-contamination happened. If I was having a steak, I would test the grill marks.

I think you get my point on how to test to make sure you get the most area. You also don’t want to overload the capsule or it will not test.

If you have further questions, you can watch my video below. 

Is it based on Science?

There were studies performed on the Nima Sensor with the previous company. Here is the link to the data. It was found to be 97% accurate!

I also use common sense when ordering in a restaurant to try to help out the statistics. I don’t order pizza from a restaurant that has flour in the air making regular pizzas. Generally, I don’t eat at places like that either just for safety.

I try to ask questions and look at the ingredients to make my best food choice. I have even asked the chef which food he thought he could make the safest for me and chose that!

Then I let Nima take the first bite! Thankfully I am not a picky eater! hehe!

Nima Partners Announcements- What can we expect?


What about the other testers coming to the market?

I honestly don’t know much about the other sensors yet. They are not available and haven’t published any research or much information yet. Time will tell. I do know that I have had my Nima Sensor for 5 years and it’s always kept me safe.

What Can it NOT test?

Nima cannot test the following items:


Fermented foods such as Beer

Pure Xanthan or Guar Gum

Hydrolyzed foods such as soy sauce, malt extract, etc

It is also only been tested to only test food items, however, I have used it to test other items as well. aka-lipgloss

Who are Nima Partners?

Nima Partners are investors who are committed to helping people who cannot eat gluten to do so safely by using the Nima Sensor. David DellaFave is the CEO and has a video on their website introducing Nima Partners.

If I don’t have a Nima Sensor should I buy one now?

I use my Nima Sensor anytime I am unsure of the food safety for me. If I am trying new products, I will test just to make sure. Going to a restaurant or getting takeout, I test especially now with restaurants I have trusted in the past because a lot of them have new kitchen staff. At a friend’s house if they don’t feel comfortable testing becomes a group effort! Everyone cheers for the happy face!

I personally think it has been worth the money for the tester and capsules. 

Here is the link to purchase a sensor or capsules!

Just a reminder of what the lines on the back of the capsule mean:

It is my understanding that you can only read the lines right when the test is finished because of the way the science works. I am obviously not a scientist but I know that I have had other antigen tests and they are only readable by the healthcare provider right after they are done and are not valid even 10 minutes later.

We always trust what Nima says smile or wheat, however, I am always curious to know what the different lines mean.


I hope you are as excited as I am about having the Nima sensor and capsules back! I personally had two of our sensors break (my daughter had one as well) during COVID when no one could get any answers. It was frustrating.

I am hopeful that new ownership and management will get Nima back on track!

As Always,

Best Wishes for Gluten-Free Dishes!



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